Arlitt makes jump from Sounders Women to NWSL

Alex Arlitt moves up from Sounders Women to NWSL’s FC Kansas City

Alex Arlitt played the 2015 season with the Sounders Women.  For nearly two decades, the Sounders Women have run a developmental team in the W-League and now the WPSL with the goal of helping develop the next top women soccer players in the United States.   Many current and former National Team players have spent time in the Sounders Women program and current players are looking to make that jump.  Arlitt used her time last summer to effect and now plays for FC Kansas City in the NWSL.  The Sounders Women spent part of pre-season in Kansas City and re-united with Arlitt on her adventure.

Sounders Women asked Arlitt a few questions about her experience.

SW: How did the experience with Sounders Women help prepare you for the pro game?  What did you think of the training and professionalism within the organization here?

AA: “The speed of play in the NWSL is another level from college. Playing with the Sounders Women helped me a lot in making the transition. The combination of the quality of players around me and the design of the training sessions sharpened up the technical side of my game a lot as well.” 

SW: What advice would you give to players working their way toward the NWSL?

AA: “Find what you’re good at. If you’re a technical player, make it your goal to be the best technical player on the field. If you’re fit, be the fittest player. You don’t have to be the best at everything, you just have to find your niche. Don’t ever let anyone outwork you.”

SW: “Are there any interesting stories from your time in Seattle that you would like to share?

AA: “There are actually way too many to count... One time when I was injured I put a ziploc bag full of pizza in my sounders parka pocket. Everyone on the bench kept asking why it smelled like pizza. Little did they know I had a full meal in my pocket ready for when the game ended. This is my confession.”

SW: What are your short and long term goals in the game?

AA: “My short-term goal is to learn as much as I possibly can during my rookie season. There’s something to be learned from every session and every game. My long-term goals aren’t set in stone right now, but I want to be able to look back on my career at the end and see that I’ve steadily improved my game each season.”

Arlitt has taken her game to the next level and she hopes to keep rising in the game.   The Sounders Women are proud to have been a step in that ladder to the professional game.

The Sounders Women started their WPSL season this past weekend with a dominant 3-0 win against Vancouver NSGSC.  They take this weekend off from league play and resume on June 4th at Starfire Sports Stadium at 7:30pm against local side, Issaquah Gunners.  Tickets and information can be found at www.sounderswomen.com.  Come see the future of the game!